AdBlock’s acceptable ads won’t be

by greg on January 3, 2012

Like Rob, I’m intrigued by AdBlock Plus’ decision to start letting some ‘acceptable’ ads go unblocked by default. This is a very decent way to make revenue – you can charge advertising companies who wish to be audited – but AdBlock Plus won’t be able to get away with it. It simply won’t be tolerated […]

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Setting up Kohana 3.2 on Mac OS X

November 21, 2011

I’ve been doing more coding than blogging lately. My tool of choice is Kohana, a hierarchical model-view-controller PHP framework – it forces me to follow some rules, and when you’re a relative beginner like me, you need to follow some rules. While Kohana is powerful, I’ve found it has a bit of a learning curve. […]

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Viewing your iOS application usage

April 2, 2011

Since the release of iOS 3.1 in September 2009, Apple’s App Store has a Genius for Apps feature, which recommends apps based on the other apps you use and just how often and how long you use them. If you backup your iOS device, Apple also syncs the database with the info Genius for Apps […]

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The Dickbar worked fine

March 31, 2011

Twitter’s removed the Dickbar, the little visually-distracting bar that showed trending and sponsored topics, from its iOS client. Because of this, a lot of people are drawing a lot of incorrect conclusions about Twitter’s potential to make a buck. The argument goes something like this: “You can’t grow a mass consumer service without advertising and […]

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Steve Blank’s bubble heresy

March 13, 2011

Albert Camus once said “Every revolutionary ends up becoming either an oppressor or a heretic.” From his recent presentation at SxSW, it looks like Steve Blank’s selected the heretic route. Lightning recap: Steve Blank codified the ‘customer development’ methodology for startups, which emphasizes iterative business model discovery during a period of low cash burn. This […]

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