Distributed infrastructure

by greg on August 11, 2005

Read Om Malik on why BitTorrent is in a very, very sweet spot. In three words – BitTorrent is infrastructure. BitTorrent will be the platform that allows other businesses to do business.

This got me thinking – is web search a service, or is it also infrastructure? Without services like Google or Yahoo tying it together, there wouldn’t be much of an Internet to do business on. And if web search is infrastructure – then like downloading media, might the next generation of web search be distributed as well? Could a peer-to-peer application replace Google’s 100,000-server farms? Makes me want to take a closer look at little projects like YaCy. Placed in a browser – converted to a Firefox extension, say, and then run on millions of computers – could this become an open source route to a scalable search engine?

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