On corporate values

by greg on December 18, 2007

Murthy Nukala, founder of Adchemy, has a terrific post on corporate values up at Found/Read – go read it. Two quick thoughts:

I used to think corporate values weren’t all that important. Dead documents used as slide-filler for quarterly meetings and new hire training. Since then I’ve worked at places which have been in line with my values, and places that haven’t – and what a difference it truly makes. If you’re like I was, and you roll your eyes whenever you hear ‘corporate values’, it means your own values aren’t in line with your company’s (real or implicit) values. Update your resume and start looking.

Implicit values drift over time when they aren’t tended to – which is why companies would do well to take Murthy’s advice and explicitly state, enforce, and above all hire to their values. It’s easy, when a team’s small and working well together, to just assume you’re aligned on values and not go through the exercise of explicitly establishing them. This will cost you later on.

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