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by greg on April 9, 2008

Small publisher ‘long tail’ monetization tools are apparently the new black –’s just released theirs, PubAccess. (Press release here.) Not bad looking – the site promises to address some big concerns of small publishers: quality advertisers and decent filtering to avoid a tawdry-looking site, plus the promise of high CPMs at guaranteed rates. (Although they can probably lose the site verbiage about network reach – guys, that’s an advertiser benefit. I know you’re proud of it, but publishers don’t care as long as the ad quality and cash is there.) I just wonder how is planning to monitor site quality on behalf of the brand advertisers doing the buys, and how much’s ad servers will discriminate in favor of the larger clients.

I suspect a lot of smaller publishers are going to try this, but they’re going to shove the ad tags they get into another optimization service – the first one smart enough to send the guaranteed CPM stuff (probably the first impression per user, geotargeted to a monetizable area like the United States) and auction off the rest. No point in just running with one ad network – even an – when the drop-off in payouts for subsequent impressions is so steep. Might as well give an impression to each.

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