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Hi, everybody. I’m an internet product guy, and am currently putting together my next start-up. More on that when the start-up’s actually put together. Something in mobile, most likely. Or advertising. But likely not advertising on mobile. If you want to chat, you can e-mail me – write to my first name, at this domain.

Up until February 2011, I was the vice president of product at Flurry, which provides analytics and money-making opportunities for mobile phone applications. Analytics is pretty much mandatory for anyone that takes their business seriously, and everyone likes to make money, so things have been going pretty well. I left because I had an itch to start something new, and because the company’s well-led and growing – leaving it isn’t going to break things.

I came to Flurry through a late 2009 merger of it and the start-up I co-founded, Pinch Media. We’d been at it for a year and a half and it was obvious Flurry was the most capable competitor in our space, so we decided to merge instead of trying to beat each other senseless. Running Pinch Media was certainly an education – fundraising, hiring, managing, executing. I got many things wrong, and a few things right.

Prior to founding Pinch Media, I was a product manager. I previously worked for Yahoo, a direct consequence of the Right Media acquisition – primarily on the ad-serving portion of Right Media’s ad exchange. Before that, I worked at Root Markets, a mortgage-lead marketplace, and NexTag, a comparison shopping site. All extremely instructive, all in different ways.

This site’s a .ca because I am indeed Canadian, although I’m a permanent resident of and prefer the opportunities here in America. I can’t see myself leaving the New York City area for the next year or so, anyway. Unless I’m suddenly in the financial position to afford some capybaras. They’re majestic. One day, I will have a few, and will spend most of my time hanging out with them on my ranch.

One final note: I’ve been at this blog for a while, and my opinions on many things have changed. An entry represents what I was thinking on that particular date, and not necessarily anything more. Oh, and of course, anything written on this site represents my views, and not at all the views of whoever my employer was at the time.

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